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About Dr. S. S. Tantia MCH & RC

Hospital at glance

Dr. S. S. Tantia MCH & RC (Jan Sewa Hospital) is established by Tantia Group in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. The Institute is the brainchild of our visionary Founder, Late Dr. S. S. Tantia. Chairman’s idea behind establishment of Dr. S. S. Tantia MCH & RC is to provide best in class Medical Education to the students and nurture world class Doctors for the service to the Nation.

The hospital is equipped with state of the art infrastructure for teaching and learning. The Medical college has well established laboratories to support the teaching and hands on learning of the students. The support infrastructure i.e Hostels for Students , residential quarters for Doctors and Staff , Sporting Facilities, Recreational Facilities are also available in institutes campus.

Since inception vision of the institute has been to provide world class medical facilities to the patients for clinical and diagnostic support . The institute has well established and strong Pre Clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical departments with qualified doctors, trained nursing & paramedical staff.

The Medical College will serve as a rostrum for the students to nurture their talent and engrave their ideas with their creative best.