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Registration of 1150 Pregnant Women Under Garbhashakti Yojana

Initiative of Janseva Hospital

Medicines and tetanus vaccine are being provided free under the scheme Garbhashakti Yojana; Registration of 1150+ pregnant women till now.

Pregnant women had heard about government facilities and some supplements or financial assistance, but I was surprised to learn that a private hospital is implementing a pregnancy empowerment scheme for women at its level.

We are benefiting greatly from this. This is what Renu from the Lalgarh Jatan area has to say. Renu, who is already the mother of one daughter, is currently in her sixth month of pregnancy and is associated with the pregnancy empowerment scheme being run at Janseva Hospital. Similar happiness is shared by Suman, Palvinder Kaur, Simranjeet Kaur, Rekha, Sonam, Manju, and Paramjeet Kaur.

Here's the plan: Prof. Baljeet Singh Kuldipia, the Chief Administrative Officer of the hospital, explained that this is an unprecedented initiative by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Women registered in the program are provided with calcium and iron tablets as long as necessary. They are also given a free tetanus vaccine. One kilogram of desi ghee is also made available after childbirth. From the time of registration in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology until delivery, complete attention is paid to all check-ups, and timely advice on diet and nutrition is also provided by the doctor.

Simranjeet Kaur, Rekha, Sonam, Manju, Paramjeet Kaur, they are all part of this. Dr. SS Totia Medical College at Tantia University Campus (Garbhashakti Yojana being run at Janseva Hospital) has registered more than 1150 women so far, and this process is ongoing. Under this, the fee for a normal delivery at Janseva is only Rs. 2100, and the cost of a cesarean section is only Rs. 8000.

This plan reflects respect for maternal strength: Dr. Mohit Totia, Vice-Chairman of Tantia University, said, 'Our group respects maternal strength.' Therefore, we have started the 'Garbhashakti' plan for women. Earlier, we had started the 'Matruvandan' plan for them as well. In that, we used to go to villages and slums to conduct check-ups for women. Then they were provided with free treatment."